The best from the Nature: Food is Fuel

Hi Ninjas,

In between the ketosis, paleo, vegan diets… most of us get completely lost. I already heard people saying me they would find easier to have some pills plus a glass of water as a meal ! Disaster, knowing how amazing are the products from the Nature and how delicious they taste.

We believe that food is fuel. Eat smart is our mantra, let´s elevate yourself to next stage using the best food products possible.This is why we are here to help: to teach you to select, buy & cook and  best quality food quality, at the best possible rates and keep you on right tracks, whatever your profil is.

Don´t forget that the Nature is pretty well done, and if we properly look into what it is offering, it is providing all the nutriments, vitamins & minerals we do need to perform efficently and, here we are, much better than usual. Let´s see how we can biohack our brain & body with food. It is gonna be easy, and taste great.  Ready?

Eat organic is a must, in order to avoid preservor agents. It is not gonna be more expensive and you will have exactly the same choices. Buying organic products is not as expensive as it was, but still. How can I guarantee you that switching to a 100% organic nutrition is not gonna cost you more? By teaching you how to buy smarter: less quantity, more quality, zero waisting, zero miss.
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All vegetables and fruits do contains some vitamins and minerals, but some of them are definitely the “best in class”.

Here is a list of all the very best from mother nature everyone should eat:

*pay however attention to carrots, beetroots, pineapple & papaya, as they are full of sugars. They can easily be substitute with some of our organic vegan supplements brand. —-> Click here to buy the best supplements from our selection (need to be a member, I´m a member! or click here to register) 




Vegan, vegetarian, meat lover? The rules are the same for anyone who wants to respect the nature:

rule number 1: eat some grass fed beef meat maximum once a week.
rule number 2: eat some grass fed beef meat minimum once a week.

A portion of 100 grams of meat for a body weight of 50 kilos is fine.

To calculate your exact weekly portion you just need to take your weight in kilos times two, then you have the amount of meat you need in grams 🙂

Then, each other day you will need a proteins source:

  • fish (dorade, bar, salmon, tuna) – raw is a must
  • chicken
  • eggs
  • seafood



(protein grams/1000Kcal):

  • rice, quinoa
  • almonds: 37
  • beans: 76
  • germinated lucerne tree seeds: 138
  • germinated radish: 89
  • gourd seeds : 45
  • lentils: 73
  • lupin seeds: 97
  • oat: 44
  • pea breaks: 72
  • peas: 67
  • quinoa: 35
  • rye: 44
  • sesame seeds: 32
  • sunflower seed: 40
  • wild rice: 41
  • smart fats: almonds, coconut oil, olive oil (click here to buy some of selection of the organic word products)
  • vegetal milks (almond, rice, coconut…)

Steamed and low-temperature oven
Use coconut oil
Links and research:
Grass fed beef



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