Peppers are the world of nutrients in a nutshell. They majorly consist of vitamins A and C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber.  They add the flavor kick to your meal it can be used in almost every food item.  Capsaicins, DCT, Piperine’s are some of the vital nutrient found in peppers which helps you in weight loss & maintaining high metabolism.

Burns off Fats

Both hot and sweet peppers have capsaicin element that plays a prominent role in weight loss. It helps to boost the metabolism which results in slowing down the development of fat cells in the body.

Maintain the Cholesterol Level


Increase in cholesterol level can put you in danger. The major cause of cholesterol is the weaker metabolism of the body. The DCT & capsaicin elements help the body to regulate the metabolism & raise the body temperature also that prevents in maintaining the required cholesterol level in the body.

 Prevent From Arthritis

Just a 125 ml of red and yellow sweet pepper daily intake is enough to prevent the possibility of arthritis. This much amount of peppers have enough vitamin C that can lowers the inflammatory arthritis in your body.

Lowers the Risk of Breast Cancer


Peppers are consisting of cartenoids nutrient. This helps in the reduction of the breast cancer radicals in the body. A study has found that intake of cartenoid rich peppers in food helps to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer in women by 17%.

Prevent Heart from Strokes

Peppers are the good source of vitamin B6 & folates. If you add up the peppers to your food, the vitamin B6 & folates will take care of your heart and you will be less prone to a heart stroke as compare to the others.

Boost Immunity

The peppers especially Capsicum contain the vitamin C that helps in replenish the phytochemical  elements in our body which result in repairing of damaged brain cell  & strong immune system of our body.

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