Honey has been used by human from more than 2500 years. It has been used for its highly medicinal quality. It is also used for healing wounds. It can help with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies.  The miraculous Manuka honey of New Zealand is one of the most popular forms of honey that is consumed globally.


The honey is low in calories hence it is very effective in weight loss. It makes for a healthy and natural replacement for sugar. Honey also has a low hypoglycemic index that helps regulate your blood sugar levels. There are several other benefits of including honey in your food.

Used For Healing Wounds

The honey is enriched in antibacterial and anti inflammatory compounds thus it helps to heal the wounds very effectively. In ancient time Egyptians are used to treat the wounds with honey.



Good for Diabetes

The proper and consulted use of honey in daily life will helps a lot in diabetes control. It consists of several elements and enzymes which stimulates the level of insulin in the human body.

Boost the Immune System

The essential minerals and vitamins present in honey helps to boost the immune system of the human body. It increases the efficiency of the immunity to fight against allergies effectively.

Best Energy Source

Honey contains natural sugar (about 80%) , vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which helps to increase the glycogen level in body . This helps in increase the energy level in the body naturally. It is also included in pre workout and post workout diets by athletes.

Helps In Lowering High Blood Pressure

The antioxidants present in honey are very beneficial for heart and blood vessels. They make the muscles of blood vessels very strong and also help to regulate the blood pressure effectively.

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