Ginger is the healthiest & widely used condiment in the world. The ginger is used in Chinese and Indian culture for more than 4700 years as a medicinal as well as dietary purpose. It is really very effective in improving digestion, reducing nausea and also helps in fighting the flu and common cold.


The unique pungent smell of the ginger is because of the Gingerol. Gingerol is a bio-active compound which results in the antioxidant and medicinal properties of the ginger.

Treats the Nausea Effectively

Ginger is very effective on number of nausea. It is used for sea sickness, morning sickness from a long time in Asian culture. It is also very beneficial for a cancer patient going through chemotherapy. It’s most effective on women during pregnancy as it helps them to feel better during morning sickness.

Reduce Muscle Pain & Soreness

A study shows that if you are taking 2 grams of ginger everyday for 11 days, you can get rid off any kind of muscle pain. It is because of its inflammatory properties.

Effective in Osteoarthritis

This is most common disease in which the person suffers of continuous joint pain. The ginger has some natural oils compound that helps in reducing the joint pain. It is more effective when used with cinnamon and sesame oil.

Benefits of ginger

Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Ginger has high anti-diabetic properties. An experiment has shown that people who used the ginger daily has controlled the diabetes by 12%. Ginger improves various heart disease risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Improves Brain Functionality

Ginger consists of antioxidants and bioactive compound that helps in replenishment of the brain cells also it increase the concentration. The regular use of ginger will reduce the risk of getting serious brain related diseases like Alzheimer.  It is very effective in reducing the effect of ageing on brain.

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