Cucumber is thought to be a vegetable but it is a fruit. It is rich in unique polyphenols and other compounds that may help reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Cucumber is made up of 95% of water and is considered as best hydrated food.

Cucumber is rich in several nutrients like Vitamin K, vitamin B, copper, potassium, vitamin C, and manganese. It is also have very low calories and is very beneficial in weight loss.

There are several other benefits of cucumber like:

Beneficial for Brain

Cucumber is of highly inflammatory quality. It helps in improving the health of brain cells effectively. Cucumber is very beneficial in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduce Risk of Cancer

Cucumber consists of polyphenols called lignans which is a prominent anti cancer agent. It reduces the risk of breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers.


Improve Your Breath

Cucumber helps in reducing the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. It releases the excess of heat in your stomach which is the root cause of bad breath.

Help in Managing Stress

Cucumber is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B5 & vitamin B7 which help in controlling the anxiety & prevent from its bad effects.

Improves Digestive Problems

Cucumber contains water and fiber in majority. The regular intake of cucumber will help to regulate the pH level in the body and improves the digestive problems effectively.

Help in Weight Loss

Cucumber can provide you several nutrients like vitamin B. Cucumber is lower in calories and helps to maintain a low weight. People who really want to reduce their weight must include cucumber in their diet.

Best for Skin Care

Cucumber’s highly hydrated nature and antioxidant compounds make it perfect choice for skincare. Cucumber is very effective in reducing the aging effect of skin. Cucumber is majorly used as anti wrinkle agents in cosmetic products.

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