Anti-Inflammatory Tisane

Hi Ninjas,

Here is personal home-made tisane recipe I would like to share with the you, mainly to help with any inflammation (tendinitis, toothache, viral inflammation etc…).
This will replace your chemical medication.

Easy to do ! You need some ginger, curcuma, rosemary, lemon, honey, and rosemary essential oil extract. All must be organic.   To prepare 1L of tisane, please use a generous handful of dry rosemary, 1,5 cm of curcuma root + 1,5 cm of ginger root cut in small pieces (we can keep the skin on it). Half a lemon juice. 4 small spoons of honey + 3 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil + hot water. Wait around 5-7 minutes before drink it. Can be also drink cold. Can be kept in the fridge during 48 hours.  Do not warm it after, this will kill the vitamins and nutriments.

I use to drink this tisane (1L per day)  when I am feeling sick or  when I have muscles or articulations inflammations. Results are huge. This will also impact on your digestive system and improve his fonctionnement.

Quantities are given as indication but can be adapted in regards to your own preferences. The only dosage to strictly respect is the Rosemary Essential Oil.

Please share your feedback with us 🙂

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