REMEDY N°1: Foot-bath in the mustard


Dilute 50 g with powder of mustard in a basin of very hot water. Plunge feet, there during 10 minutes. This shock treatment relieves headaches and migraines.


REMEDY N°2: Lavender Essential Oil


Massage your head with organic lavander oil.

REMEDY N°3 Rosemary & Ginger Tisane


Have a tisane with ginger & rosemary.

REMEDY N°4 Rife Frequencies

maxresdefault (1)

Listen to rife frequencies.
Click here to listen

REMEDY N°5 Hydratation


Simply drink water.

REMEDY N°6 Acupunctur


Applying pressure in these 5 specific regions of the body helps in clearing the blocked meridians so that energy may flow freely throughout the body releasing endorphins, the natural pain killer that our body produces and efficiently reduce headaches and migraines.


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